Anyone want to test out Character stats for the next 3 weeks?

Hey guys, I have been wanting to test out all of the Battleborn maximum stats, and get some hands on evidence for guides and such. Wondering if anyone had a want to test things with me for the next 3 weeks? I even have this beautiful spreadsheet all set up and ready to go. (Don’t remember how to share spreadsheets on mobile, will fix later. Heres a sample!)

There was a spreadsheet​ that had been made before " battleborn Bible" though a lot has changed since it has been updated. You can access it on the Reddit

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Thanks @jwashb02. I still want to test everything, mainly because I want to find out everything on my own, with my own Eyes, and to find bugs. If anyting, it will be used for balancing, and it might (I want to) make it a Youtube series about best characters and Helix choices.

I can help with 100 OPs stats if you need it, DLC missions with all characters.

Hey, didn’t even think about that. It would be very helpfull, especially as I haven’t gotten all ops, and am unsure of what to get with my founders platinum.