Anyone want to trade? PS4

Wondering what legendary weapons people would be willing to trade.
I have
Double Penetratng Unkempt Harold - 61
The Bee Shield - 61
Legendary Cat Siren Mod - 62
Legendary Nurse Class Mod - 63
Evolution Shield - 61
Twin Hornet - 62
Razrez Lyuda - 61
Rapid Infinity - 56
Feral Veruc - 61
Skorry Lyuda - 61

Hello are you available for powerlvling assist by chance?? :slight_smile:

What level are you at the moment?

Lvl 12 :frowning:

What level do you want to get to?

Please I’ll be able to return the favor/ give you goodies once I hit 72 I just couldn’t xfer my old chars over :frowning:

As far as your kindness will get me :slight_smile:

Add me, vDreaMz–Shooter

Mic right??

I would but its 2:00am where I am at the moment and my parents are asleep bro

All good can you make game to start boosting me?

What mission?

Any? I’m on a damn fine rescue

Are there any bosses you farm? Would be primo quick

On TVHM killing the bunker takes 10 seconds and I think you get 28000 per kill

Let’s finish this quest then do uvhm early bosses they’d give 30k+ or bunker tvhm works to

Ill go to TVHM

Think teramorphus might be quicker? Cause in uvhm I was getting 500-10k for badass mobs.