Anyone want to trade?

So while I’ve been farming for Legendary Class Mods and a few particular grenade mods, I’ve come across a few things if anyone is interested in trading. Or I’ll just sell them.

What I have for trade:
-Two “Rough Rider shields” - fire resist and cryo resist
-“Mind Melt Loaded Dice” - Imbue Slam w/ radiation / -75% health / Substantially increases Luck / SMG dmg / + Max Health / Melt chance
-“Tac Reload Nova Berner”
-“Quasar” grenade
-“Stormfront” grenade
-“Shock Stone Otto Idol” - imbue melee w/ shock / Restore 18% max health after killing enemy / corrosive resist / aoe dmg / mag size
If I have to, I will dip into my personal stash to make a deal. I have a couple of characters full of goodies.

What I’m looking for:

  • Legendary Class mods [ De4deye / Cosmic Stalker / Executor / Infiltrator ] with stats like Action Skill cooldown / Critical dmg / Shield recharge delay / health regen or whatever
  • “Rowen’s Call”
  • “Tran-fusion” grenade
  • Legendary Gunner Class mods

I have a few rough rider shields… I’ll have to check them when I get home.

Sorry dude. Is my post worded wrong? I meant those are what I have for trade and what I’m looking for is below them. Sorry. I’ll try to word it better.

Rowan’s call if you have a shock recurring hex and if annointed I can add to deal

I have a megaton molly mind sweeper, thermobaric kiloton rocketeer and a megaton hazy rocketeer gunner mods

Do you want anything I listed for them? Or you looking for anything in particular?

i’ll just give em to you, send me your gt and i’ll mail them

Wow. Thanks a lot dude. I appreciate that.

My Gt. is RavenMock3r