Anyone want to try the Flakker?

I got 3 level 72 Flakkers (looking for a conference call … that I didn’t get) from farming the warrior and I won’t use them. I don’t like Torgue shotguns and I don’t even understand how they work. I’ll trade for pretty much anything because I don’t like them. If nobody wants them, I’ll just give them to my lower level siren to sell for money. My commando is maxed out on money so there’s no point to selling them.

On most of the classes, regular torgue-shotties are awesome, especially the Hulks and Ravagers. They are close-range-weapons with slowly travelling projectiles with 80% Splash on top of the weapon damage. The Flakker functions different, but can be great in the right hands - you “just” have to learn how to use it.

I have all the Flakkers I need, so unfortunately, I don’t need one

Edit: your Commando could get a lot out of torgue-shotties through grenade-buffs. You should give them a second look

Flakkers are not easy to master but are the HIGHEST DPS weapons in the game.

The Flakker can not gain grenade damage buffs.

I have dozens of guides on the flakker and was the very first to ever say anything nice about it.

Now people rep that gun like it’s a cult, which it is. I made the cult.


I’ll take all three :stuck_out_tongue:
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