Anyone willing to do 1 round of Digistruct Peak?

I have an old Siren that’s OP(7), and I’d like to get it to OP(8). I’d like to do this on the Xbox One if possible.

If an act of kindness doesn’t motivate you, then I can do an inventory drop. I have just about every OP(8) Legendary and Pearlescent item you may need.

What platform are you using, so I can move your thread to the appropriate sub-category.

Also, I hope an “inventory drop” dosnt involve any sort of exploit that I have in mind.

Can you help me level

I’m on Xbox One; if you end up helping this post then I thank you in advance.

As for the inventory drop, it’s just a bunch of weapons I don’t use. I don’t have any mods, or I would already have the level I’m trying to achieve.

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Are you looking for help with XP leveling or OP leveling?

I am a 59 gunzerker. I need xp I wish I was leveling op level lol

I don’t think I have enough time to grind for XP right now, sorry.

The method I tend to use is Pyro Pete’s Bar, and just repeat the quest until you get the XP you need, but it’s time consuming.

But if you don’t mind helping me I might be able to help you what’s your gt

Well, you can’t do OP levels until you’re level 72…

Well there used to be some methods to beating op 7 really easy I know I’m gonna check if it still works and let you know

Thanks, That would be greatly appreciated.

They patched it sorry mate. Well can you help me get some op 8 weapons. “Legit” lol because an “inventory drop” is bad lolol

If you mean farming for enemies, I just don’t have the time for that right now. Again, I’m sorry, but I have to be heading out in a few minutes.

Nvm haha you didn’t catch my drift

I have an OP 8 Sal, xbox one, and the handsome collection. What’s your gamer tag?

I got to op 8 via grenade jumping a wall and beating mostly just the boss at each OP level. But I hear that’s patched. In any case I’d like to revisit and do the run legit now. A siren would complement well because they are great at freezing/phase locking the surveyors.

Sorry about not getting to you sooner. My GT is Execrated Ninja.

Mine is Matrixneo42.

I’m adding you now.

Hello, im struggling on op5 atm please feel free to help GT: LiL x GuTTy
i will also help people boost for exp in return of an overpower helper