Anyone willing to lend a hand getting me to Op 8?

Need help getting to OP 8 with assassin and Siren. Im on PS4. I switched over from xbox and now have noone to help a bro out. If a few of you could lend a hand that would be great. Assassin is level 71 and siren is at lvl 61.

My gamertag is Eliteone2383

I can help you out as long as your willing to make the runs with me. Solo runs are pretty easy but with even just 2 player difficulty it goes way up. I have some gear I can drop you also as you move up. You have a mic at least? Running into too many people with no mics. Just makes things a little easier when you can chat, especially for digistruct runs. If not don’t worry about it. Sending the request now. Psn is cee6vette

Im willing to help out man. I got a lot to do and willing to help others

Yes I have a mic

@Drenhunter23 i also can help you with that too. PSN: AngelofLove57

Message when wanting to play.