Anyone willing to part with a Cold Warrior CM?

Not looking for any particular stats. Just got my Zane to 50 and am trying to test builds. Thanks in advance if you able to help me out.

GT: Thang Hung

ill keep an eye out

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Thanks man. Force Troopers are greedy.

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I will mail ypou one when I get home in about 4 hours if no one else does

I’d appreciate it! Hope to find one a tad quicker, but your my best option so far. I feel like I’ll probably still be killing Force Troopers until then lol.

Just mailed you one.

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You are the man/woman!

Ask and thou shall receive. Lol. Pay it forward. Cheers!

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If you like the Com let me know what bonuses you would like and I will look at what I have. I think I have a couple of them and I will never use them.

Magazine size, Valdof Weapon Crit Damage, Hyperion Weapon Crit Damage, or all Weapon Crit damage would be my first wants. Action Skill Cooldown is always nice though I hope to keep my action skills up 100% of the time.

I still have a lot of testing to do so options are nice, although I think it’s going to be hard to beat an Executor. Anything you are willing to send me would be appreciated.