Anyone Willing To Trade/Share Orange Loot Preferably Level 50+?

Hi guys, I bailed on BL2 years ago because I kept getting my butt kicked. Simply put, I didn’t have any good weapons since orange loot was hard for me to come by (unlike in the Pre-Sequel). If anyone would be kind enough to share their orange loot or trade I would really appreciate it. I have several pieces of orange loot between level 50 - 72 for BL2 and for the Pre-Sequel, I have MANY pieces of orange loot up to level 60 including level 60 class mods.

If anyone is willing to help, I would really appreciate it. I want to get back into BL2 but I’m struggling with what I have in my inventory. Thanks guys!

Gamertag: Ample Bosom

What are you looking for? I would be interested in some level 60 gear for Pre-sequal

Gamertag: g22 blackout

I’m looking for anything 50+ and orange for BL2. I have several level 58-60 items in the Pre-Sequel. Interested? I’ll be on all day tomorrow. Gamertag: Ample Bosom

Hi all, anybody else interested out there?

No love :frowning: