Anyone With a 2k order able to download yet?

Just as it says on the tin, Anyone who ordered from 2k NOT epic, have you received your email for download of yet?

Nope. Stressed.

Nothing yet in email. 2k should really respond to let people know when they will receive keys so they can make a decision to cancel order and get it another way if they want to.

It is such a simple thing to do to post here.

Was this for like the diamond loot chest edition or something they did either at the beginning or during that whole epic mega sale fiasco? When I purchased super deluxe edition from the 2K store it actually sent me to the EGS page to purchase it.

Still nothing here, but hopefully it’s before the actual release… I’d be pretty sad if it wasn’t

Nope! I canceled my order, will buy on EGS tomorrow after my cancelation goes through.

I just received a notification that my order is ready for ups so I’m hoping I will get it tomorrow. But no sounds like keys are in the box. Cancel it if you didn’t buy the collectors edition

nothing yet still waiting

still waiting

watch here and dont open always a new topic

Nope, considering canceling my 2K order and ordering direct from Epic!

GBX has been in touch with 2K on this issue:

Hopefully this can be resolved before Friday!

Hey! Just got word that the emails with keys should be going out today at 1pm ET! It might take a few hours for all of those keys to be distributed, so keep an eye out!

If you don’t see anything after a few hours, feel free to hit up support. They should be able to help you out at that point.


Thanks, Mine arrived, downloading now.

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I don’t know how you’ve gotten word. I sent a ticket to support weeks ago and never saw a response. I just entered another ticket.

2k store didn’t give me any confirmation and I can’t even look up my order. All I have is my paypal receipt for pre-ordering. It’s pretty upsetting, it’s not as if the game price is cheap.

Now I’m waiting for them to contact me for the first time since i bought a month ago and it’s going to be my key? Great communication, definitely not leaving me in the dark.