Anyone with 'And They'll Tell Two Friends?'

(Erc1452) #1

Anyone with this achievement that I can borrow for just a couple moments to snatch up this achievement?


My steam id is erc1971=vx9=

(The quick and the dead) #2

99.9% sure I have that one. My steam id is: Frightning_Lightning

(Erc1452) #3

Just got it off ya - thanks much!


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(band) #4

And thus another User was blessed with the transmission of a viral achievement.

(Jan S.) #5

I have it, but my friend can’t get it for some reason.
I’m wondering if it is because I got it before GameSpy shutdown.

(Peter-John) #7


May I add one of you guys to get this achievement off of one of you please?

(Erc1452) #8

Sure, I will log in to get you the achievement. Just message me when you see me on Steam

ID: erc1971=vx9=

(The quick and the dead) #9

I’d be happy to help as well, if you still need it (or anything else really)!

(Peaxant) #10

I NEED this trophy if you have a ps3 and have the trophy PLEASE add my psn: