Anyone zer0 tips

i’m new to zer0 any tips would be nice

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Moved your thread to Zer0s category where more people who could help will see it.
Poke around too. Youll find some really useful threads on him, I’m sure.

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Something a bit more specific to point tips into would make this easier but here’s some general stuffs for normal mode.

  • I’d suggest starting with the mid tree. Fast hands, Ambush and Innervate are good for every build as is the capstone Death Blossom which you should aim for ( pick up Deathmark somewhere along the road to it). Kunai’s kill enemies very well at the end of NVHM and through TVHM and they are a major damage boost in UVHM so getting used to tossing them is a good idea.

  • Also in the mid tree is a skill called Unf0reseen. This skill got a major buff in the last patch. It’s not super awesome for end game but it is very powerful in NVHM and TVHM now making short work of even badass enemies. This skill is really good and pretty fun to use before end game (and it’s not useless there either IMO).

  • Your action skill is more than just an extra damage tool vs a single enemy. You can use it to recharge your shield, get to cover, reload your weapons and you can throw grenades (and kunais) from it with out breaking stealth. The damage that you do out of Decepti0n is dependant on how late you shoot / melee out of it. It does max damage when there is 0,7 seconds left on the meter, if memory serves. Don’t worry about the timing too much, take the good shots where you get them.


thank you i was setting points in the wrong skill tree

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There’s no wrong tree.

If you want to go full melee right away, start on the right tree.

If you want to go for burst gun damage, shoot for One Shot One Kill.

If you want to run general guns or you’re unsure, do as Lammas suggested.

I started by popping points into Fast Hands, Counter Strike, Killing Blow and ran gun/melee combo ; then Headshot, Killer , B0re and ran with shotguns and snipers.

There are plenty of avenues to pursue - try them all - just keep respeccing with different COMs.


thank you i will try that

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Ah yes, I didn’t mean you have to put points in the mid tree first. It’s just what I’d suggest since it pretty much works with anything you might pick up while also containing skills you’ll most likely want in the end for any build.

Left side has One shot one kill for snipers and shotguns and Killer for general kill skill awesomeness (also, works great with OSOK). Right side has Execute and Followthrough for general kill skill awesomeness. Then there’s Grim which is one of Zer0’s rare survival skills.


This is Zero.

So many fantastic options to choose and where do you start.

You start now by just trying to find out what sort of Zero you want to be. Like the options that have been given there is no wrong unless you spec into all melee and want to be a sniper or visa versa.

My suggestion to all new Zero’s is to try to find a map or two or wherever you feel confident in and just try all of his skills with different gear as you go, snipers, shotty’s, pistols etc, and don’t be afraid to re-spec and try these playstyles out again as it doesn’t cost that much. You may find that you need three or four Zero’s like me :grin:, one for every occasion and then some.

My first Zero was melee Zero followed very shortly after by a sniper Zero and i have shotgun and hybrid Zero’s also because he is so versatile and fun to play i couldn’t have just one.

There are some great builds in the Master build section and advice on Zero in this forum, so go and have a look at some of those also as something might spark your interest there.

Hope this helps, good luck and most of all have fun :thumbsup:


The Zer0 section of the forum will have a lot of great info - although looking at level 72 builds can be overwhelming and confusing.

There’s this

Some of the links are broken ( they’re from the semi-defunct old forum ). The DDD skills guide is good and the COM guide is good.

What I found great is this

@Lammas added some great tips today


Probably the main resource to look into Zero’s skills. Don’t overread into it. Zero can work with a lot of weapons and some of the skill values have not been brought up to this day what with the patches and all(Unforeseen has seen a big buff since this, for example. I personally disagree with some of the reviews. Maybe that’s just me or maybe that is because I’m looking at things years after the initial topic was made and we have more skill points these days.) Still, I’d say this is the best look into Zero’s skills you can have and especially gives a nice insight into how your options weight up against each other.