Anything borderlands 2

Ive scrolling through the forum topics and noticed that there seems to be a lack of borderlands. So this is a topic where you can discuss anything borderlands. I will do my best to reply. It can be memories, theories, hopes, dislikes, etc.

I’d like to see a few things:

  • Male Siren (It is “known” they are all female, but that is only because only female ones have been encountered)
  • A sentient robot character (I posted an idea for one in ideas for BL3 thread a long time back)
  • A money changer option in the Black Market (not for money, but to convert the alternate currencies between eachother)
  • Customizable HUD radar (it would be awesome if each equipment showed a dot of it’s color on the hud when it spawns in. The user could set limits on what colors showed)

That would be cool to see a male siren. It would certainly be interesting to say the least.

And a playable robot character would be amazing. Imagine playing a Hyperion robot that was reprogrammed to help the crimson Lance. Imagine that skill tree.

For the money changer do you mean like changing money to eridium or moonstones? Because that would be neat because I would haveillioms of dollars but only a hundred eridium.

And as for the HUD do you mean like in borderlands where it would show money, ammo, etc?

So this is a random thoughts thread?

Alright, I want to see Brick and Mordy have strong roles in BL3. The duo is too damn good to be put on the back shelf.


I like that relationship, also the family-like relationship between brick and tina

I think they should make Mordecai fall in love with a mysterious mercenary named Jo whom has a pet cat as an action skill.

…What? Why’s everyone looking at me like that?


Cute haha. Although I think Mordecai’s bird will eat the cat in a second lol

Cat action skill would probably make me play a pet class.


I was hoping for that in BL2 actually. But alas. Nothing.

BL3 needs more cats. Not wub wubs.

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Um…no he won’t…?

Oh!! A Mordecai Re-Vamp. Since the Bird died, his new action skill he can “tame” weakened animals (bullymongs, skags, rak, stalkers, etc.). Only one at a time, and the taming lasts till they die or fall below a certain HP%.


I love the idea of him being a wild animal tamer. Id be lying if i said i hadnt thought of that too. Always thought of him as someone who connects better with animals.
But hes not birdless. He has Talon now :slight_smile:

A tamer is a great idea for another class though. That is something I would love to see.

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He got a new bird remember? In the son of crawmerax dlc

Yeah but what if he was in a place with no animals? I think it would be better if he could tame it and take it with him until he finds a better one

That’s basically an animal only thoughtlock that I’d imagine would be hard to make into an action skill. I’d think so at least.

Earlier there in this there was talk of a male siren. This skill could work for him potentially

That would be interesting. Maybe Male sirens only manifest in very wild, primal areas, that is why they haven’t been seen.

Ah, forgot about Talon, tbh I’ve only played through Crawmerax once quickly. The setting irked me.

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Yeah same here. Plus I never found the fight very rewarding. I would only get a lot of blues and purples

1- Consider that the Bordlerlands settings takes place in one of six galaxies (according to Lilith from the Home Movies quest).

2- Consider that a defunct satellite of a long forgotten multi-planatary corporation fell from space and landed on a planet with a Vault.

3- Consider that this corporation has a hexagonal emblem and is named for a device for keeping rain off of you.

4- Consider the possibilities of alien life combined with genetically altered viruses.

5- Consider the possibility that some NPC will ask your new VH to investigate reports of strange, horrific monsters.

6- Consider using very large guns. :yum:

Umm…There’s a whole section for BL1 talk:

Not sure what game you’re wanting to discuss, 1, 2, or 3?

I mean just scrolling through the new topics section. And anything really