Anything I earn in someone else's session does not save

Just how it sounds. Anything I earn including guns, money, eridium, etc. does not save if i’m in someone elses game. All the money and eridium i farmed for is gone as soon as i go back to single player.

Are you fully quitting from the co-op game (so that you are back at the main game menu) or just switching to off-line mode?

Usually I just quit the coop game. Is this the cause of the problem?

If you’re the host, the others need to quit out first. When you quit out, you should see the vault symbol icon indicating that the game is updating your save file properly. Assuming that all happens as it should, do you get any kind of message or prompt when you hit “Continue” to resume in solo play?

I’ve discovered essentially no matter what I do, nothing i obtain from an online session saves. Not sure why this happens but it sucks

This just started happening to me after the patch from yesterday. In addition, I no longer have my pet on FL4K when in someone else’s game.

yeah i didnt notice that at first but same for me my fl4k pet just gone

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