Anything special about the Zim?

(Sheriff) #1

Or does it only have increased Stats compared to a purple equivalent ?

(Glass cannon par excellence) #2

Bigger mag size, bigger base damage. Nothing else

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #3

It kills enemies with memories of childhood nostalgia. The extra damage comes from its psychological effect which haunts enemies of the days when cartoons were good :wink:.

(Jnericsonx) #4

Wrong Zim. Its referring to Starship Troopers.

(CDR_Shepard) #5

OK, what’s the purple equivalent of the Zim?

(Glass cannon par excellence) #6

Should be the Donk, all scav part pistol

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #7

Hell, the game has 2 references to that movie.
Can’t complain, one of the few scifi movies that doesn’t bore me to death nowadays.

(AceGoober) #8

I’ve used the Zim once on Mord but never got into it. Sure, it has increased damage and a large magazine but it didn’t seem to freeze enemies all that much when I used it. Probably because it is really designed for Lawbringer.