Anything special about the Zim?

Or does it only have increased Stats compared to a purple equivalent ?

Bigger mag size, bigger base damage. Nothing else

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It kills enemies with memories of childhood nostalgia. The extra damage comes from its psychological effect which haunts enemies of the days when cartoons were good :wink:.


Wrong Zim. Its referring to Starship Troopers.

OK, what’s the purple equivalent of the Zim?

Should be the Donk, all scav part pistol

Hell, the game has 2 references to that movie.
Can’t complain, one of the few scifi movies that doesn’t bore me to death nowadays.

I’ve used the Zim once on Mord but never got into it. Sure, it has increased damage and a large magazine but it didn’t seem to freeze enemies all that much when I used it. Probably because it is really designed for Lawbringer.