Anything we can do to change the skill perks on Red Fang?

I mean 2/3 are horrible. They all are in the first two rows of the Stalker and Master trees, and the only useful one is “He Bites” because it procs Frenzy. What about Fast and Furryous, pet tactics, barbaric yalp, TTAR?

A boost to Galactic Shadow would be really cool if it actually does anything. Otherwise, Who Rescued Who or Hive Mind would be pretty cool too.

For M3, the Red Fang was perfectly designed. Ferocity buffed He Bites, which could do some OK damage boosted and gave the pet more DR outside of Gamma Burst so you could kill enemies with the pet and cooldown quicker.

For M4, the bonus damage reduction doesn’t seem to do as much since it takes a bit longer to kill enemies anyway, and the reflected damage ain’t worth c##p anymore. The synergy of the COM is still amazing, it just doesn’t work as well when enemy health gets bloated to such a degree.

In which case, you may as well focus on more utility. The COM already gives a taunt, so getting health regen and damage reduction (perfectly synched up with your pet’s) would make our pet an MMO style tank. We already have something similar with the Divergent COM (+ Hive Mind, Who Rescued Who, and Eager to Impress).

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I will change the blue skill with the claws (sorry i dont remember the name at the moment) with pack tactics or barbaric yawp.
Pack tactics would be the perfect match with the taunt effect of red fang mode because give us more health (also for pet) and damage

It should boost either Hidden Machine or Frenzy. Yawp/Furryous/Pack Tactics are all great choices too. He Bites can stay as a valid utility roll.

Hidden Machine is an obvious synergy, and would fill a gap from FL4K’s damage formula you wouldn’t get on Gamma unless you have Weapon Type Damage Rolls/Consistent Ice Breaker or are using a suboptimal tree that goes for Hidden Machine. It would be a very great buff to Gamma. That’s assuming that Hidden Machine’s wonkyness is fixed first.

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Hidden Machine does seem to work consistently with Red Fang only, so it would be a nice boost since its’s only boosted by one other COM.


More points into he bites is under rated in my opinion in mobbing situations. I’ve seen CoV badassa with rockets kill themselves against the pet on m4 and other times it does no damage like woton insta killing pets. I think something is going on with that skill reducing certain damage after its reflected