Anyway to clear unspent guardian tokens?

So the other night i connected to a rando online and took a while to realize he was using some cheat engine (im assuming its a trainer) when i suddenly was getting blasted with alot of level up flashes on screen. Logged off as soon as i could, but didnt really pay attention to my g tokens after that. Logged in today and saw i hat over 500 tokens…is there ANY way to remove them, or am i stuck with either leaving them unused or use em if i wanna get rid of the spen g tokens notification? Also will my account get banned for this or anything??? I mean nothing happened so far but kinda concerned and annoyed a bit.

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I’d send gearbox a ticket so they know what happened. Covers yourself from ban, they might be able to revert them back to where you were, or it might be too hard and they tell you to keep them, either way should stop any ban.

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thanks ill give it a shot

Use backup save if you have any. You won’t get banned any GBX can’t change the amount of your tokens.

could ve been Ricks testing out the upcoming BL3 editor lol even tho I doubt he would simply use it on your without asking

To start, no worries GBX doesn’t ban people for exploiting/cheating in the game.

However. Nobody should be running cheat lobbies without informing all users who join what the state of the lobby is. First of all, it’s incredibly rude to people who wish to not have cheated characters. Secondly this is something GBX will take action on. Early after release they did make a statement on their Discord stating such.

If you are grieved by joining a hacked lobby where you weren’t informed it would be hacked, then I recommend reporting it to GBX.

I have nothing against people cheating in the game or even online. But I am very very against forcing someone into ruining their game because you didn’t inform them what your lobby was running.

Also the only way to clear the points would be to put all items from bank onto a character and then delete the profile and start over with it. Easy on PC, not sure how doable on console.

Thanks for the replies! Someone mentioned about using the trianer again this time to remove the tokens and now they gone. Didn’t occur to me to use it to fix it lmao. Nothing against others using it either for themselves, but wish it didnt effect everyone else not using it. Also which is why i also wish for server browser. I dont know if its posible here but another game i play, before they added a seperate mod/cheat enabled game mode, marked players’ icon with a symbol indicating they wer using a mod/cheat. Would be cool if they did this on server browser room names if host is using some sort of cheat/mod. Idk how this would work on bl3, especially for players who didnt use any cheat but happen to join a host who is using some…

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