Anyway to Fix Guardian Rank?

Been playing since launch on Xbox1. Decided to get for the PC to see some of these builds people are using. Downloaded a saved game and now I have more guardian points than I should. 300 more actually.
I wasn’t aware saved games would do this. Anyway to fix this so I can earn my points fairly?

the character saves don’t do that, the profile.sav does that.

copy the numbered .sav files and delete the rest, reinstall the game and start fresh. then copy the numbered .sav files back, should reset things.

remember, this will deleted everything in your bank as well.

You’re incorrect. This has been a common issue within PC community for a while. The saves store some of the GR rank stuff. So downloading a save and putting it in your roster throws a lot of points on.

That or there was one file that had a bad bug and it got to everyone.

Anyways, if this ends up being something that happens to you and you want a fix, I know where to go, DM me.