Anyway to implement a way to quickly organize items?!?!

Hey so I’m wondering if there is any talk about this because all the items in my stash are pretty disorganized and it would be nice to have them be laid out according to item type or specific stats! What do you think?!

Just a simple search would be nice. So I can search for everything I have with Attack Speed or Skill Damage on it.

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Or a way to refresh the items so it organizes it according to rarity!!! So simple and infinitely better!!!

You can sort items by type, rarity, newest etc.
On ps4 hit options then the menu will pop up
Not sure about button presses for the menu on other platforms but it does exist

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…must try this as soon as I get home!!!

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Yes it is so very helpful for clearing out your inventory and looking for specific gear

Whichever platform you’re on look in the bottom right of your screen while in the gear section

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On PC, it’s the Q button. Not sure about consoles.

This will let you sort by a variety of criteria (type, rarity, cost, newest, etc.)