Anyway to remove black outline on graphics like in BL1 and 2?

Any way to remove these black outlines like previous 2 games? It was adding “CinematicScenePostProcess” to Willowengine.ini in the document config file.

Game looks SO MUCH BETTER on PC with black outlines removed!


Im searching to, played every Borderlands without the black lines…cant stand them, really hoping someone finds away to disable them.

Yes, let me know if you find and I will let you know also!

Anyone figure it out?

ok, user here named jacoro1 posted this almost perfect fix which worked great!

"I found a way to almost completely remove the outlines. I can’t take credit for it though as I found it on a reddit post from mikegold10

Go to C:\users{your_username}\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini

find a line that says EdgeDetectionTexelOffset and change it’s value from -1.0000 to a value between 1.25 and 1.99

the author of the post says 1.99 works best for him but I found 1.3 to work well on my setup

This only reduces the outline though, it doesn’t have any effect on the cell shading or whatever the cartoony texture effect is called.

If anyone know how to apply the more realistic shader effect please let us know. In previous borderlands games it was applied by editing the WillowEngine.ini file and changing the line DefaultPostProcessName=WillowEngineMaterials.WillowScenePostProcess to DefaultPostProcessName=WillowEngineMaterials.RyanScenePostProcess"

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Wow, sooooo much better! THX for posting!

By the way, Is the black lines thinner with lower value…like 1.25 and then thicker up to 1.99???

Any performance boost ?

Don’t believe there is any performance boost.
I set mine to 1.3 and its about perfect so I have not tried any other settings.