Anyway to show ping/latency number while playing this game?

One of the most important features in competitive game is the ability to see how much pings you have so you can react accordingly.

Due to lack of people on SG for me to play with, I was forced to go Aus on a certain time period and it was horrible to play with ping on Benedict. It’s one thing to lose cause I get outplayed but it’s frustrating to get air hooked all of a sudden when you’re hiding behind cover standing on the stair or having my hawkeye impossible to aim cause none of the rockets will come out where my cursors are. Tons of bug with animation cancel also happens where sometime, I cancel reload and see my rocket at 5, shoot once and it drops to 1.

Long story short, ping in this game sucks so bad because people can just abuse your past self to kill you or dodge everything you try to land, way worse than many games I have played. Everytime a stutter happens, it is normal to check how your connection right away.

And in this game, we use the bar thing which doesn’t help in the slightest. I can’t even tell how long it will be before my rocket is fired from my weapon after I use it. Sometime, it’s 0.2 seconds in feeling. Sometime, it’s 0.1 s. Sometime, it feels like 0.3 s because the bar keep going up and down from 3 to 2 to 3 to 2 then STUTTER STUTTER STUTTER TELEPORT.

Can the ping number be add to the connection status indicator or maybe somewhere at the top right or top left of the screen when enabled? Cause I can’t find it at all in the setting. That way, if I see my number start jumping up to 200ms or something, I will stop playing and just sit behind a cover until the number goes down so I can stop feeding and getting hooked out of no where and teleported back to where I was a whole second ago.

…Steam options lets you, I have it enabled and the game runs 60/61 for me.

Where exactly do you put the launch command to have those enabled?

Cause google only bring specific in-game commands for stuffs like CS:GO and DotA.

At the bottom you can see the option to enable server ping.

All I see is the one for frame rate counter but not ping.

See the one that says “Off”
…Turn that on, it’s a FPS counter that will show in the game.

I want ping counter though not FPS.

I turned it on to test and there was no ping display.

Not sure if you can get that, maybe someone here will chime in.

There are some complaints on Steam forum as well about how you can only get the bar thingy and it’s useless when it comes to deciding what to do in the actual game cause you still don’t know the exact amount of time you’re behind on everything.

I really find almost everything in the Steam forums mostly negative.