Anyway to transfer a season pass?

So is there a way to transfer a season pass from one account to another? Really annoying that I don’t have access to content I’ve already paid for just because I’m using a new account.

I was stuck with the same problem back at release, and in short no. Idk about xbox but with PS4 you can’t get a refund at all with the stupid policies they have.

So I’m stuck earning a paltry amount of platinum per day in order to one day (many years from now) unlock the Ops… great, just great.

There is not.

My dad bought the normal game on his account, and I benefitted from that as I had his account primary on my (separate) ps4.
He then bought the season pass later which was his original plan that he had put off. I didn’t benefit from that as those bonuses are account bound.
He then pulled yet another blunder by buying a seperate Deluxe Edition of the game on his account to try to get me an apology gift. Again, account bound.
I still poke fun at him and tell him to have fun with his two season passes. :smirk: