Anywon Got a wedding invitation anointed weapon dmg after skill

I am looking for a wedding invitation on ps4 with weapon 125 damage buff after action skill
Ps4 : NickBach89DK

I have the following Wedding Invitations if you are interested:

ASE 25% critical
ASE 100% damage
ASE 125% to named/badass

Im interested in all 3 Can you copy Them ?

Yeah, that shouldn’t be a prob. I just left the house so give me a little bit. You dont happen to have any Redistributitors or Lobs do you?

Yes Will send Them to you when i get on again so just send Them to me when you get home and then i Will send you lob when i wake up . Hope that is okay

What is your psn name ? Mine is NickBach89DK

I would second on the 100 ASE damage, if possible, please? I’m at EricsonX on PSN, thank you. :slight_smile: Also, I do have a few Lobs, any particulars?

Sorry what do you mean ?

Can you text me on psn ?

That’s no problem, Nickbach89. My psn is jdmishima.

jnericsonx ok, I’ll send you one np. I’m mostly looking for any electric lobs or any with ASE 100%. Also, any with Moze Iron Bear or Fl4k Annoint.

I sent the wedding invitations, Nick

Jnericsonx I tried to send you a request and it said I couldn’t bc of the settings.

NP, I’ll be on my PS4 in a bit.

Do you have a ASE 125% to named/badass one still? The only Lob that I have is a lvl 53 corrosive with ASE 75% radiation damage if you’re interested.

Ko_kody, I’ll take your lob, what your looking for?