AoE HoT Miko build,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1,

The overall concept of this build is being able to heal an area around Miko while also being able to focus on a single target at the same time. This build starts off slow but quickly picks up speed at levels 3, 6 and 8 with a synergy being built around biosynthesis.

I’ve had a great deal of success with this build due to being able to heal myself and others at the same time while also boosting my channeling healing and reducing my CD on biosynthesis. Also if I’m not mistaken it seems to heal NPCs in competitive modes, at least it shows the healing graphics on them.

This build can be tweaked as needed for PvE but as it stands it allows you to blanket damage groups of NPCs with Kunai. Cloud of Spores becomes super useful during PvP by choosing Breathe Deep (+100% slow), Trail of Spores (drops spores along the way to target) and Spore Storm (+50% area of effect) allowing the player using Miko to pin down a lot of targets or a single one for allies while not needing a great deal of accuracy in the throw.

As far as gear is concerned I have a cool down reduction item which assists with the biosynthesis being available often. A healing increase item, naturally. I’m currently not at my console right now so I don’t recall what my third is but it’s something I’m sure I could better such as healing received, possibly to boost biosynthesis which is what the build is focused on.

Sorry if I’ve posted a build someone else has already made.