Apgam3 Shop, 10/28

Up for trading:


  • Trick Unforgiven (Annointed: Phasegrasp, Acc and Handling)
  • Dastardly Unforgiven
  • Wicked Wagon Wheel
  • Dastardly Maggie (Annointed: ASE, 2mag 50% bonus fire dmg)
  • Rapid Infinity
  • (Cryo) Infinity
  • (Corrosive) Infinity
  • The Flood (Annointed: After Iron Bear, 2mag 40% bonus fire dmg)
  • Double-Penetrating Devastator (Annointed: Barrier active, acc/crit 60/30)

Assault Rifles

  • Dobby Sickle (Annointed: Gamma Burst active, 65% rad dmg)
  • Annexed Damned (Annointed: After Attack Command, 30% lifesteal)
  • (Fire) Lucian’s Call (Annointed: ASE, 2mag 50% corrosive dmg)
  • (Cryo) Lucian’s Call (Annointed: ASE, 20% bonus rad dmg)
  • (Cryo) Engulfing Faisor
  • (Fire) Double-Penetrating Pent-Up Alchemist (Annointed: Gamma Burst active, 65% bonus rad dmg)
  • (Shock) Rebel Yell (Annointed: ASE, 15% lifesteal)
  • (Fire) MOARR Emrace the Pain (Annointed: ASE, 125% badass/boss dmg)
  • Deadeye Bekah (Annointed: Phasegrasp, terror skulls)


  • (Cryo) Spooling Projectile Recursion (Annointed: ASE, 2mag 50% bonus shock dmg)
  • (Corrosive) Dangerous Trevonator (ANnointed: SNTNL Active, 50% cryo dmg)
  • Flakker (Annointed: ASE, 2mag 50% bonus cryo dmg)
  • Flakker (Digi-clone, weapon dmg 130%)
  • (Fire) Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Annointed: ASE Weapon Status Effect Chance 75%)
  • (Fire) Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Annointed: ASE 2mag 50% Cryo dmg)
  • (Fire) Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Annointed: ASE 2mag 50% Shock dmg)
  • The Garcia
  • Influential The Butcher
  • (Shock) Cash-Infused Brainstormer (Annointed: ASE Crit dmg 25%)
  • (Corrosive)Dangerous Trevonator (Annointed: SNTNL active, 50% of dmg bonus cyro)
  • Dastardly The Tidal Wave (ASE, 125% dmg badass/boss)
  • Dastardly T.K’s Wave (Annointed: Extra Charge Rakk Attack)
  • Subsidized Conference Call (Annointed: ASE, weapon dmg 100%)
  • Subsidized Conference Call (Annointed: Gamma Burst active, 65% rad dmg)


  • (Corrosive) Smart-Gun XXL
  • Handsome Jackhammer (Annointed: SNTNL active, fire rate 9% and reload speed 23%
  • (Corrosive) Turbo Poison Ten Gallon (Annointed: ASE, Weapon dmg 100%)
  • (Fire) Searing Trained Hellfire (Annointed: Event)
  • (Fire) Hostile Crossroad
  • (Rad) Undermining Crossroad
  • (Shock) Cash-Infused Crossroad
  • (Shock) Binary Mocking Cutsman
  • (Fire) Binary Compressing Cutsman
  • Hyperfocus XZ41 (Annointed: After Iron Bear, Do not consume ammo for 5 sec)
  • (Fire) Hostile Hyperfocus XZ41 (Annointed: Rakk Attack, 100% dmg)


  • (Shock) Annexed Ferocious Lyuda (Annointed: Gamma Burst, 65% rad dmg)
  • Vicious Lyuda
  • Resolute Lyuda
  • Dastardly Muckamuck (3036dmg)
  • True Monocle (Annointed: Gamma Burst active, 65% rad dmg)


  • (Rad) Annexed Jericho (Annointed: Rakk Attack 100% dmg)
  • (Rad) Itchy Scourge (Annointed: ASE, Weapon dmg 100%)
  • (Fire) Burning Scourge

Class Mods

  • Hazy Molly Rocketeer (Moze)
    /13% weapon fire rate
    /10% cov weapon dmg
    /45% atlas weapon critical dmg
  • Preemptive Unlikely Techspert (Zane)
    /25% weapon dmg
    /15% hyperion weapon fire rate
    /+1666 shield cap
  • Poised Zippy Cold Warrior (Zane)
    /50% dahl weapon acccuracy
    /31% shotgun dmg
    /15% vladof weapon fire rate
  • Notched Cosmic Stalker (FL4K)
    /10% hyperion weapon dmg
    /31% smg dmg
    /50% torgue wapon accuracy
  • Megaton Molly Mind Sweeper (Moze)
    /25% torgue weapon reload speed
    /45% jakobs weapon crit dmg
    /24% weapon mag size
  • Man-Eater Bounty Hunter (FL4K)
    /25% jakobs weapon reload speed
    /10% atlas weapon dmg
    /45% jakobs weapon crit dmg
  • Scattered Prepped Cold Warrior (Zane)
    / 33% weapon handling
    /10% vladof weapon dmg
    /31% smg dmg
  • Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator (Zane)
    /15% hyperion weapon fire rate
    /32% atlas weapon fire rate
    /25% tediore weapon reload speed


  • (Shock) Surge (Annointed: Iron Bear active, taking dmg has a 20% to spawn grenade)
  • Nagata (Annointed: Iron Bear active, taking dmg has a 20% to spawn grenade)
  • (Fire) Power Siphon Tran-fusion Tracker
  • (Cryo) Cloning Hex
  • (Fire) Generator Tran-fusion Longbow
  • (Rad) Generator Tran-fusion Longbow
  • (Shock) Generator Tran-fusion Frag Grenade


  • (Shock) Indomitable Red Card (Annointed: Attack Command, gain 8% movespeed)
  • (Shock) Marksman Big Boom Blaster (Annointed: ASE, Regen 5% max health per second)
  • Improved Re-router (Annointed: ASE, Regen 5% max health per second)


  • Last Stand Deathless
    /+16% Shock Dmg
    /-30% Shield Charge Delay
    /+16% Rad Dmg
  • Berzerker Cosmic Crater
    /30% grenade dmg
    /+1487 health
    /33% area of effect dmg

What I’m looking for:

  • (Shock/fire) Redundant/ Cash infused Brain Stormer with ASE 2 mag bonus dmg
  • Phasezerker mod with cooldown rate and atleast one of: increased mag, hyp weapon dmg, shotgun weapon dmg, weapon dmg.
  • Crossroad with gamma burst annointment
  • Red Suit

Send me a message with your psn if you have what i want and i have what you want! Considering offers here aswell.

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I’ve got a fire kings call I’m pretty sure if you still need it

What do you want for it

Rowans/lucions call both preferably but I’ll take what I can get lol we can link up when I get out of the shower and work something out

That’s fine

Just got out my psn is novalord6214 I’ll be on shortly

I will check my Rope a Dope mod today. Interested in the Phasezerker and Damned.

I have the mod with find your center if you wish to trade.

I got a queen call and fl4k mods.

What are you looking for?

Im not in need of the mod anymore.

Molten the dictator