Aphel's Krieg Builds

All builds I make collected into a post. Also see master build thread. Scroll down for each build.

Build 1: Bad Touch Barbarian

1: Bad Touch Ravager (Use for melee and instant close quarters damage. Able to trigger BloodBath.)
2: Casual Swordsplosion (Use for mid range and with the quasar for some insane crowd control. Trigger’s BB.)
3: Banbury Fire Pimpernel (Use for the high amount of dots it can put out at a moments notice.)
4: Sublime Slag Pimpernel (Slagging tool that has a large radius and high chance with all pellets hitting.)

Hide of Terramorphous (Maliwan Parts)
(Combined with a blade this thing can output a lot of melee damage.)

Class Mod:
Lawful Good Barbarian +6 Salt the Wound +5 Fire Fiend
(Fire fiend’s accuracy buff is great with the shotguns and its ability to instantly output fire dots is not to be underestimated. Salt the Wound boosts your two strongest offensive tools and you’re able to acquire it easily with frequent use of DOT’s.)

Grenade Mod:
Longbow Quasar
(Useful for getting enemies to stagger on demand and heals quite well with Elemental Empathy. Bloodbath is nice too.)

Fire Bone of the Ancients
(Boosts your survivability tenfold.)

Skill Tree:

Final Notes:
This build requires a lot of weapon swapping so be aware of your surroundings, health, and killskills to make the best choice. Ability to decide when to hold back or be aggressive with this makes or breaks it.

Build 2: I’ll Make The Sky Bleed!

1: Level 50 Quik Drawler Shock Badaboom (Rocket jump with it to regain your shield and some rocket ammo.)
2: Parataxis Hive (Hive + Grog = Lots of damage over time, bloodbath, and death.)
3: Swapper’s Slag E-tech Tediore Launcher (Lots of reload damage and has good AOE slag potential.)
4: Grog Nozzle (The extra swap speed from Blood Twitch means lots of drunk effects, healing, and slag!)

Transformer (Maliwan Parts)
(Combined with the Shock Badaboom you can rocket jump everywhere and get ammo and shields for free.)

Class Mod:
Legendary Psycho
(Blood Filled Guns makes your reload damage amazing, Blood Twitch makes your swap speed almost instant, Feed the Meat makes you extra tanky, and Burn, Baby, Burn and Fuel the Fire allow give you 100% DOT chance and an extreme amount of damage with them as well.)

Grenade Mod:
Longbow Fire/Corrosive Crossfire
(Good for on demand bloodlust stacks for Javelining and does impressive damage on its own as well.)

Blood of the Ancients +Rocket Ammo +Pistol Ammo
(More tankiness and enough Rocket ammo to reload the Tediore Launcher at max stacks. Pistol ammo for the grog is just the nice little cherry on top.)

Skill Tree:

Final Notes:
This is built to be overpowered, not hard to use, and as fun and chaotic as possible. I’d only use the hive when drunk, and make sure to rocket jump whenever you can (Double Shotting is advised). Enjoy!

Build 3: Beast Of No Nation

1: Casual Carnage
(Useful for bloodbath and as a a source of burst damage. Easy to use and powerful.)
2: Practicable Heart Breaker
(Uses least ammo and can oneshot if enough buffs are applied. Can convert the element of twister and will give it crit bonus if you switch and shoot it. It’s high pellet count and fire rate makes it good for applying DOT’s, especially with FtF.)
3: Rustler’s Twister
(Slow bullet velocity is good for previously mentioned synergy with the heartbreaker, highest single shot damage of any shotgun makes it possible to one shot high health targets if under the correct circumstances. Grenade damage is great and it’s possible to trigger bloodbath with it.)
4: Florentine
(Good for slagging and stripping shields. 92% proc chance with 10/5 points in Fuel the Fire. The shock DOT will stack Elemental Elation.)

Rough Rider (Maliwan parts)
(Great for health stacking and benefiting from shield down bonuses. Not much else to be said.)

Class Mod:
Legendary Psycho
(Blood twitch bonus is good with Heartbreaker/Twister synergy, Blood-Filled Guns is always nice, Empty the Rage and Feed the Meat make BXR strong, Burn, Baby, Burn and the bonus from the class mod makes DOT damage good with the Heartbreaker, and Fuel the Fire is good as previously mentioned. An overall neutral and good choice.)
Legendary Torch
(Heartbreaker + Torch = Hellish Death. BXR benefits from Elemental Elation buffs.)
Legendary Sickle
(Typical BXR playstyle is applicable. The Fastball is godly with buffed Fuel the Blood. Twister’s nice too.)
Legendary Reaper
(Bloodbath buffs means more grenade ammo and thus less need for frequent use of the Carnage; more shotgun ammo. Blood Overdrive and Taste of Blood is good with BXR, which is good for quick acquisition of bloodlust stacks. Fuel the Fire is good for slagging and Elemental Elation. Not much to be said about Thrill of the Kill.)

Fire Fastball
(Amazing for triggering bloodbath, doing massive damage, and for Bloodsplosion.)

Blood of the Ancients +Smg ammo +Shotgun ammo
(Health stack synergy with the Rough Rider and works with the ammo hungry nature of this.)

Skill Tree:

Final Notes:
This build’s made to be used with any of these class mods, and subsequently nearly any playstyle. Not too hard to use and there are some pretty fun things you can do with your gear. Other class mod options probably work, though I haven’t tested them yet. There’s potential there.


I think this may be overlapping with the master build thread.

Also, doesn’t krieg do less melee damage if the weapon doesn’t do 100% melee? Or is that only without roid shields? It looks interesting.

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Only without Roid shields. Thanks for making me aware of that thread. :slight_smile:

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yeah only without Roid shields.

and I agree
this build looks very interesting

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Edit: Changed Empty the Rage to Feed the Meat on BT Barbarian.

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Hi! Just a question. Are the builds good for OP8 (or any OP level)? Because I noticed that you used a Hide in your first build and that can down you in OP8 easily.

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