Appallingly Awful Reset Bug

So was playing Fl4k at the tale end of the Hostile Takeover mission on Mayhem level 1. Decided to do some Circle of Slaughter at Mayhem level 3. Match with 2 other people and get sent to the Slaughter 3000. Match is glitched and the door won’t open (This is not the problem but this still happening after a month is ridiculous). I quit back to menu and try to match a another session when I notice my Mayhem Mode options are missing. Hit the continue option and BOOM! I’m back at mission 1 Children Of The Vault of the damn campaign again redoing the tutorial and all.
Tried quiting the session-Nope
Tried restarting the whole game-Nope
Restart the Console-Nope
Load into someone else’s session-Nope
Circle of Slaughter again?-Nope
Loading another character and Jumping Back to Fl4k-Nope
Load Normal Mode back to TVH-Nope
Play till the Second Mission then quit and load-Softlock at the Second Checkpoint of the first area!
But for you see the reason I even tried any of that was because when I looked at my Fl4k’s status at the load character option screen it still said he was at the Hostile Takeover Mission. So my only option at this point to Reset my missions and unlock Sanctuary for the 9TH TIME!!! Which takes like 30mins minimum because of all the unskippable cutscenes and LENGTHY AS HELL DIALOGUE!!! Then there’s the stupid Sanctuary Tutorial itself that’s just you running around that horrid ship for 15 god damn minutes (Why is this not skippable). Gearbox… wtf? My patience is running low and my fury is soaring high from this!
P.S. After resetting still can’t pick Mayhem Mode on Social as Fl4k even though I’m I reload back at Mayhem Mode 1.
TL;DR: Playing COS caused me to lose all my story progress as FL4k and forced me to redo the F#%KING Tutorial!