Apparently, I'm just not very good

Okay, I’ve reached OP1, but can go no further. I cannot kill a raid boss at my own difficulty. My questions are; should I drop down to OP0 to get the seraphs I want? Also, getting to OP8: is it a ladder strategy, where I re-max my EQ everytime I level to get to the next, or is that unnecessary?

I realize I’m asking questions pretty late in the game, but this is my fave BL to play out of the triple pack… I just suck, apparently.

I doubt that it just boils down to you not being very good. You made it this far, you’ve just hit a bump.

It isn’t late in the game for you to ask, in essence, you’re now playing in the top league, and there are some growing pains involved.

I would definitely post your build;

As well as what weapons you’re using.

If you REALLY want accurate advice, you can also link a video of you fighting in an enemy thick area (like Sawtooth or Hero’s Pass).

The real important thing is not to fret.


Nice ghost in the shell reference by the way.


You made it to OP1. According to past information, most of those who’ve actually played BL2 did not go beyond TVHM level 50. So I agree with @Giuvito that you almost certainly don’t suck, and just need a little help re-calibrating to what is essentially the elite tier of BL2 play. I can’t help you with that (I’m sticking at level 72 right now) but I can answer one question: yes, it is absolutely fine to drop down into OP0/level 72 to farm seraph crystals. Heck, I always drop into NVHM/TVHM with every new character to get eridium in order to quickly max storage.

Post your build and current gear, and I’m sure you’ll get some great feedback from the Krieg regulars here!

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Thanks for your kind words, I’m using dank rafft hellborn for skills
With the exception of using halitosis instead of flame flare, because it almost always kills me, and fire breath is cool. Weapons are slagga, hellfire, DPUH, and a nukem for FFYL. Firehawk, legendary Torch, chain lightning (because I can’t acquire a magic missile), and a resist relic(because I can no longer kill loot midgets). I sometimes use heartbreaker and am trying to get a corrosive kitten. Can you farm crystals and bring them into a higher difficulty? Also, if it matters, I’m on ps3

That’s ironic, because I have no problem finding magic missiles, but have never seen a chain lightning! Note that for slagging you don’t really need the purple X4 one - the blue X2 is fine. It doesn’t need to be at level either: no reason you can’t drop back to OP0 and get one either in the Lair of Infinite Agony sorcerer’s temple or by doing the Magic Slaughter.

One level difference isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, especially if the lower level relic is max stat anyway. You can find a link to the relevant spreadsheet to see how much stats change with OP level here:

Yes, always.

You’re fine.

Man. You’re not bad, you’re learning how to play. All of us had that stage at some point of life, I didn’t became the Hellborn Krieg forum expert over the night.


Sweet, thanks for the info and advice. I’ll look for my missile on OP0, and try to grab a Florentine. If anyone wants to jump on with me, send me a friend request on PSN, kynick, I don’t let just anyone join in, but friends are always welcome. My play schedule is rather erratic, as I have kids and such, and again, thanks

Krieg is tough! (I know for a fact that I am bad though, hehe).

I would recommend doing Digi with a partner. It’s not easy for anyone to solo that gauntlet but I reckon Krieg is the hardest. I made myself solo all the way up for kicks but honestly it’s not worth the time if you have a decent coop-er. Much more fun!


I don’t recommend Hellfire Heliotosis as all it does is interrupt Krieg’s more powerful attacks with melee or guns. Generally, L72 gear can last till OP4-5, but as others have posted, solo’ing the peak with Krieg is tough regardless. I would re-farm around OP5 (doing a total re-set if necessary to grab the Capt Scarlett gear again). I would also suggest a more gun focused Krieg build will be easier to do the peak with. There are lists of Krieg builds in his section of the forums and there’s an excellent thread called “Sickle vs. Reaper” that has a lot of good info on how to take the peak with him. As others have said, you’ve just hit a temporary snag and you’ll push through soon enough.

You are not bad. Krieg is a really hard character to play as.
The thing is that soloing bosses with Krieg is not the easiest thing for a new player (unless you’re fighting Pete or Vorac). You’ll probably want to play with friends until you get to OP8.
If you have any questions about the game, the whole community (Gearbox Forums, Reddit, YouTube …) has a lot to offer :slight_smile:
Good luck getting though the game man !

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