Apparently, Whiskey Foxtrot does 130 melee damage

So…I was working on WF for his lore and such (really only used him 5 matches), and I realized on the third match that his quick melee attack deals 130 damage at level 1. It increases by 5 per level, and deals 175 damage at max rank. And yes, I checked, it wasn’t being affected by his passive at all.

Does that mean that he, technically, has the most damaging quick melee attack/the most damaging melee attack in general, even more than Boldur? I mean, his lore would at least make some sense if this was the case…

I wouldn’t be surprised. I never used him but when I go up against a good WF, he has one of the strongest quick melee in game

If only it didn’t knock back lol, I’ve seen WFs just spam it and it hurts. It also has a bizarre knock-up pattern, it acts as a knock-back but sends you flying pretty high. I wonder if a really skilled WF with say movement speed gear could juggle with it? Bye-bye overrated Deande juggle lol.

If you have them against a wall, you can do just that. No need to chase after them, just keep popping them.

Can’t get a crit off that way on most characters though, which is what you usually want when quick melee’ing with Whiskey.

Just one of those Whiskey Foxtrot things.

It has an unusually strong knock back I think. I was able to hit a Galilea off the map when she tried rushing me. It was on echelon so I maneuvered around her so she was facing away from the edge and hit her so she just fell and died. One of the few times I taunted as whisky

He does use a knife, after all.