Applause For Bird Hunt, Gearbox!

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to make this thread to show some love for Bird Hunt, and, perhaps more importantly, the whole idea of doing unique, wacky weekend events like it.

I know some people are not a fan of the mode because of the characters involved and how you can stack them up, but I personally have thoroughly enjoyed (almost) every match I have played of it.

I finally mastered Marquis because of it!

Plus, I finally discovered the awesome powers of Marquis’ Reveal Owls!

I had never realized just what an absolute stone cold counter for Pendles they are!

So @jythri and @joekgbx thank you very much for this fun and innovative event and looking forward to more like it!


I didn’t participate, because i would have been… railed… playing as Toby.

…I’ll be quiet now.


Copy that, Flames. It was quirky, it was out of the comfort zone (for a lot of peoples) and perhaps because of just that, The Bird Hunt became fun, fun, fun!


In a way i liked bird hunt since it made me choose characters I’ve played less frequently… And yes, looking forward to similar holiday themed events… Maybe we can have a surprise themed event for Christmas - Deande, Phoebe, Pendles, S&A and OM only…


I don’t enjoy the character choices (Benedict! Multiple!) But the effort, idea, and limited character choices were all good

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I liked the idea of it. Wish it was a little different. Like having Thorn being playable…I mean she is a hunter too right?


Yeah, but she’s Vegan, haha. (Just kidding, i can’t back that up).


Yeah ive heard a few people mention the Thorn thing.

I guess it’s because she has no avian / bird connections in Her lore / skills.

Marquis has Hoodinis and Pendles eats bird eggs…

I only played it once, because it’s gimmicky and I don’t like gimmicky modes.

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We noticed!


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I played it a lot because I like to challenge myself and develop my skills in various environments.

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I can honestly say I have never enjoyed Battleborn less than when I was suckered into this limited-trial-version Chaos Rumble queue. But maybe it’s partly an Australian thing. We did not have the playerbase to support the queue splitting, so the weekend was a total bust.

In all sincerity: can someone explain why having tiny, arbitrary character selection is appealing? To me, it just meant a weekend where I couldn’t play the character I love and was looking forward to spending time with during my downtime from a stressful week. I see people saying they appreciate an “incentive” to play new characters, but you can always do this, without other players being coerced into it as well.

Yes, I know that in other regions people can just join the other queues, but when Australian PS4 prime time has the same twenty or so people playing, this does not work. It’s Bird Hunt or a trickle of anemic games (wait time was Average-Long on Bird Hunt, and always Long on the other two.)


I will do my best to highlight what I like about this game mode as a whole

So ignoring the particular characters in this batch as they are kinda sloppy picks thrown together, what I absolutely adore about this concept, is the idea of severely limiting the character pool and having a rock paper scissor effect amongst the match ups that goes even deeper by being able to character stack. The Game modes and maps also contribute to the potential complexity by suiting certain characters to the type of mode.

The taking away of possibility adds more possibility that we could never have without the limitations. I would never pick marquis over Toby in any major incursion/meltdown. But with pendles existing and Toby being a possibility, marquis was all I played in this bird hunt(I am even willing to say that he was the best pick out of the 5 overall) it was one of the few times I have actually had fun with marquis in pvp

This mode reminds me of drafts from Magic the gathering. And I absolutely love that(I used to play competitively) so long as they can continuously pump out proper 5 character groups I will keep playing this gimmicky mode as I feel it can really breathe life into the game. while we are waiting for major patches to drop to tweak the balance issues in the game, this mode has its own type of interactive balance that can make the game feel less stale.

I hope this all comes across coherent. I really need some sleep… Lol


I am glad to say I never tried it. I appreciate the effort to try new things, but having multiple of the 2 most cancerous characters on the same team makes my stomach turn.

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I liked the mode for what it was, a goofy fun alternative to normal play, and the double xp was a nice incentive. Thanks to it, I’m thinking about using Benedict more than never.


I really liked it. I think the only change would have been unique toons.

I’m looking forward to the next mode.

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I enjoyed it, personally. Meant I got around to playing a couple of characters I don’t usually play, working out builds and counter-builds for them and such.

Side note: speculations about the next Rumble/special mode?

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I’m not looking to the 4th of july one… bennedict, earnest, kid ultra, caldarious, and ambra. fire and rockets galore


The winter holiday stretch would be
Kleese? He’s the closest thing we have to Santa
Toby is the wintry but probably not for fear of redundancy
Kelvin as a snow man
That’s all I got


Rath with Candy Canes?
Alani throwing snowballs?
Kid Ultra… kind of already looks like a snowman?

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