Apr 29 hotfix not downloading

was there a april 29 hotfix? if so can anyone tell me why it isnt downloading to my pc?? i have restarted several times since the 29th

Are you getting the “hotfix applied” sign at the main menu at all? If so, what date are you seeing displayed in the news tiles (bottom-left) on the same menu screen?

Here’s the notes for the April 29th hotfix:

my hotfix applied says april 22 very odd. internet is fine. it just isnt updating.

Mine’s still showing Apr 22nd as well, but the date hasn’t been updated correctly before so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. A quick check would be to verify the location of Maurice’s vending machine has indeed changed. There’s a map linked here

News section is not updated, but you still get latest hotfix.

Yeah, this happened a few weeks ago too. On April 15 it still said April 8. An easy way to tell if it applied correctly is to find the new Maurice vending machine location (or go to the old one and see it’s no longer there). If you find the new one or see the previous location is no longer applicable, then the hotfix updated.

Yup. Found Maurice’s store on Nekrotafayo today, while looking for something completely different. Worth it, though!

To be fair, that’s not particularly ‘easy’ - their location tends to be somewhat out of the way. :slight_smile:

Off topic - but I wonder if one of criteria for placing Maurice vendor is how popular the spot is with player base - perhaps they are trying to nudge people into exploring overlooked areas of the map.

I don’t know. I just happened upon it because apparently I’d completed a lot of Tazendeer Ruins in co-op, and my map progress had not been properly recorded so there were huge grey areas to uncover.

perhaps. but the only other way I’d think is to know what the weapon buffs were and most probably don’t know b/f and after values/changes.

the locations do seem to be inconvenient. I think this week’s is in a spot where you’d only go once when completing the radio tower challenge–no other reason to go to that location.

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I think so far they were placed somewhat away from the ‘beaten path’ - areas where you will be taken by side quests or while trying to ‘de-fog’ the entire map. Admittedly I did not do a lot of that lately…