[APRIL FOOL] Eye of Arran

Announcing a new mod:



Opened in 115 AHL, the Eye of Arran is one of the galaxy’s most important trading routes. Approximately fifty ships per day travel through the gate, about 12% of total glactic trade. Simon Ummon Ether Zenoc, a Hiigaran Naval Academy lecturer and former captain, has described navigating through the Eye of Arran as “a very complex and high risk operation”. Quantum waveform fluctuations will cause the container areas of vessels to “act like a sail” and thus affect the course of the ship. The momentum of a heavy ship, such as Bishop 4, is difficult to counteract if pushed off course.

Bishop 4 was travelling through the Eye of Arran, where it was then caught in a quantum waveform anomaly. The strong fluctuations, which reached 40 AFD, resulted in the “loss of the ability to steer the ship,” causing the hull to deviate. The ship then contacted the gate’s structure at the 151 km mark (measured from China Gate control), and turned sideways, unable to free itself, blocking the gate on both sides. The crew consisting entirely of Hiigaran nationals was accounted for and no injuries were reported. At the time of the incident, the ship was traveling from the Angel Moon to the Port of Nalthor. It was fifth in a rimbound convoy, with fifteen vessels behind it when it impacted the gate.


The player must try to free Bishop 4, unblocking the gate and restoring galactic trade. This can be done by:

  • using torpedoes to erode the gate structure at the bows
  • using resource collectors to pull the stern section round
  • removing containers from the ship

It is not yet decided if any of the above will be successful.



Release is scheduled for 01-APR-2021


If the camera didn’t “bounce” every time it comes into contact with a 3D object I wouldn’t mind this idea so much. As it is, I would get motion sickness probably from all the bouncing.

Then if you ever do manage to free the ship, the Soban-Nabaal Far East Rim Trading Company has to pay a fee of 500 million RUs to get it back. :smiley:

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