April Fool you might have missed

This one took some planning and preparation, but they did sold you a season 2 pass without the intention to deliver any meaningfull content, that should count doesn’t it?


Don’t be that guy. Meaningful content is highly subjective. Personally have loved the attempts at new styles of DLC. Anyone remember asking for multiplayer focused DLC for BL2 or 1? Because I remember people asking. Here actually.


Pepperidge Farm also remembers.

But yeah, sometimes you get what you ask for, I guess.

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I remember the multiplayer content. And I remember how bugs and crashes have destroyed my enjoyment of the game and unraveled my player community. Adding more content without addressing the issues that prevent people from enjoying that content is pointless.

We’re still dealing with the same split-screen bugs introduced since day one and beyond. Many issues have only gotten worse with 3-4player mode. And how is the game crashing more on the newest gen of consoles?

This April Fools joke has been going on for months now.


You are describing the state of the gaming industry, not something unique to this game. Its a double edge sword, you either get balance updates with possible problems or you get no changes at all. Games at this point will always have issues. Not because the lackluster service, but because they cant hide the flaws like in the past. BL is a business, they want your money, so its no surprise they branch out. Tell me one recent game that hasn’t had major flaws lately, because I can’t think of one.

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I haven’t experienced anywhere close to the number or frequency of crashes from all of my other games combined (in recent years) that I have from BL3. Just because other games have issues isn’t an excuse. I choose to spend my money on this game, not the other ones. So I have the right to expect more.


My issue was more with the haphazard way they tossed M2.0 together. They showed absolutely no foresight and have been on damage control balance wise ever since.

Sekiro, ghost of tsushima, doom eternal, spiderman, bloodborne, dark souls 3. Now of course none of these were released perfectly but I can’t think of one crash or major bug I experienced in any of these games. Whereas myself and a co-op partner have each crashed half a dozen times as well as ten or so more restarts due to progression blocks in a single playthrough of all content.

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You just named stand alone games. That is games that don’t update really at all. I should have clarified for lifestyle games (games regularly updated). I personally don’t crash so my perspective can be a bit biased, I admit. While M2.0 may have been problematic, GB has tried diligently to keep us happy. They also have tried being different with DLC while using requested story content (missing characters). My issue here is there’s a lot of mud slinging at GB, but it’s the workers that show a love of this game. You can see it in every bit of new content. I just think they deserve our support not our ire.

And now, still happy with this season 2 pass? Or did their last troll of a patch finally made you quit?

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What does the patch have to do with season pass 2?

What if they are happy? What if they aren’t?

Your attitude is undermining the chances of having a civilized conversation about the status of this videogame.

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No surprised in the least with this last patch, especially since how this game has been handled since release.

Used the money that I saved by not buying the Season 2 Pass and put it toward other companies games that I am enjoying. Too bad though because in the past I would of got it without second guessing.