April/may drop rate buff and the LLMs

so, has anyone noticed any difference in LLMs drop rates during the last few days? i was hoping to finally get my practicable butcher but as far as i can tell, they’re pretty much the same as before, nerfed as hell and dropping only those stupid e-tech relics

I’ve gotten 3 Pearls and about 3 legendaries since I’ve farmed them so honestly I’m actually noticing a decent sized increase in their drop rate. Then again I’m playing UVHM also so that’s another reason

Well I thought I’d have a run before I go to the dentist (urgh) and then work, and the first one I killed gave me an OP1 Rapid Infinity.

after a few more runs i’ve got a bunch of pearls (tunguska, butcher, 2 storms) and 3 legendary coms. so yeah, random is random but now it looks that drop rates has definitely improved.

Proactive b*tch from a midget in STC. Also just saw a loot midget psycho who crawled out from a building. Never seen one before.

Edit: check that, she’s corporate

cool! the bunker dropped a social bitch for me yesterday. been farming this guy for a while so it was pretty sweet.