Aquamarine Snider

In all my years of playing I’ve never actually used an Aquamarine Snider, and this displeases me. I could farm for one, but the amount of eridium and time spent on that huge loot pool would just be unbearable, plus we have this sub-forum =D I’m after specific parts so if anyone has several or if several people have different variants I’ll take preference, but at the end of the day an Aquamarine Snider is an Aquamarine Snider!

@adamholmes97 would you be able to help me out here?

Sorry dude i dont have aquamarine sniders only normal sniders. Im sure someone on this forum will be able to help you out :+1:

I have a corrosive Aquamarine Snider for ya.
I farmed Butt Stallion for a few hours and got it. Don’t know what parts it has but you are welcome to it.

I have a shock one. Send me a message on psn if you are interested. Name is same. I could drop it for you tomorrow.

That sounds awesome, if I see you guys on I’ll get in contact with you!

@GOODYEARBLIMP I’m awfully forgetful lol so if you get a chance before me could you send me a friend request? Cheers.

Only one I’ve ever got is a shock with a melee blade.