AR Rifles from farming last week - Trade - Updated

This is the AR category - Let me know what your looking for -

I am searching for
LF - Redistributors anointed for Zane
LF - Ion Cannons annexed and anointed
Hex grenades with anointment adding damage to weapons
Transformer that added damage on SNTL or clone
Seein Dead Mods - +Wep Dam, + cirt, + grenade dam, etc

Not looking for an AR, but do you happen to have a red suit with sntnl annoint or a radiation hex with on throw 25? If so I got radiation redistributor with sntnl cryo100

The cryo lucians call ASE 125 would be nice.
I’m pretty sure I have at least an annexed ION cannon. Not sure about it being anointed though

I have a couple of annexed ION cannons that are anointed. I will send you those. I also have at least one or two See’in Dead class mods with + Weapon Damage.

If I could get the Rowan’s call nuclear with 125% Bad Arse damage and the Cryo Lucian’s call with 125% Bad Arse damage that would be great. GT = Chase D Gamer08

I see the Lucian Call cryo with ASE 125 is spoken for. Instead, I would like the Lucian’s Call cryo with the SNTNL anointment. Thanks
Chase D Gamer08

Hondo564, What is your GT? Thanks

IXI Shyn3 IXI, I would love the shock Rowan’s Call w/ ASE +Crit

Check your mail, items sent

Thanks so much. Hopefully, you will enjoy the items I sent. Feel free to ask for anything in the future.

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I got you man

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Il take the shock Rowan’s Call w/ ASE +reload and fire rate, and the Radiation one with ASE +125% to Badass Enemies plz!


Thx, man!
Sorry I could not check but will so tomorrow. I wish BL3 had a bank companion app …

Also looking for anointed greandes

Here is a few more from this weeks farming and traded allowing me to have trade -

Let me know what you need,
I am LF - weapons and gear with Splash, ASE, SNTL and SWAP with clone

Also LF - anointed grenades