Archetype Discussion

So based on recent gameplay videos we now have labels on each character. As a smite player i expected something like this, given Battleborn’s similarities to MOBAs. Thanks to the Ambra overview we now know that these labels are referred to as Archetypes. However this has brought up a lot of questions for me.

At first we only knew about 4: Assault, Disruption, Support, and Mobility. Pretty straight forward but I’ll quickly describe what these mean to me.

Assault: DPS. Plain and simple. Assault characters are likely high damage dealers. In most games characters in this role are also a bit on the squishy side.
Known Battleborn in this role: Thorn, Rath, Caldarius, Marquis, Oscar Mike

Disruption: Able to get into the middle of the fight and… well disrupt things. Tankiness and crowd control abilities will be their bread and butter.
Known Battleborn in this role: Boldur, Montana, and Phoebe

Support: As the name suggests this Archetype supports the team. Healing and buff abilities will define it.
Known Battleborn in this role: Miko

Mobility: The name suggests that Battleborn in this Archetype will be able to get around the battlefield quickly and easily. However the only Battleborn in this Archetype so far doesn’t really fit that. While other Battleborn that are in other Archetypes seem to fit perfectly.
Known Battleborn in this role: Orendi

Also thanks to the Ambra overview we know of a 5th Archetype: Specialist. I’m not exactly sure what role this Archetype fills. The only Battleborn in this one is Ambra. However based on her abilities she seems to fit the Support role.

Since these Archetypes were shown my first thought was that there would be one of each within each faction. That didn’t pan out as there is already overlapping going on. And several don’t seem to fit the Archetype they are currently in.

Also I’ll go ahead and throw out my expected Archetypes for Battleborn we know but have yet to be classified.
Benedict: Mobility. His flying capabilities make him perfect for the role.
Reyna: Support. Shielding teammates and debuffing enemies makes this a pretty obvious choice. Not to mention she was described as a support in the Gameinformer article.
Melka: Assault. Her poison shooting gun and glaive arm should allow her to put out some serious damage. If i had a better idea of what Specialist was I might put her there seeing as we already have Thorn for an Assault Eldrid character.
ISIC: Not much is known about him or his skills so it’s hard to say. He appears rather large and tanky so Disruption would fit that. We do already have Phoebe as LLC Disruption though. I’m really not sure about him.
Ghalt: We don’t know a whole lot about him but his large size and ability to pull in enemies would make him perfect for Disruption.

I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks about the Archetypes. Any Battleborn you think should have a different Archetype?