Archive glitch. Mellka just can't catch a break

So I just ran the archive solo. While I was fighting the gunhulk, the bot mellka died and I revived her. I was under the impression that she was invincible. I’ve never had to revive her before. I don’t ever remember having to revive caldarius when fighting hylus or boulder on the experiment. The only thing that I can think of is that she died right about the same time the gunhulk did. Maybe he attacked her but it didn’t connect until after he died? If the gunhulk dies first does she lose her invulnerability? Has anyone else had this happen?

Usually they cant die by hp dmg but if they get pushed off the map they do.

Caldarius killed me once… His stupid flash nade got reflected by the boss shield and hited me…

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She was not even near the edge. That’s kinda funny about caldarius. Probably wasn’t very funny at the time.

…I posted a screen shot of her here dying last summer, before any changes.

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Attikus died when I went through the first Op just a few days ago.


…In the Attikus dlc he dies a lot, gets stuck in the air, but will teleport to the door when you’re ready.
You can pretty much hate him there when he messes up the challenge to kill the Elite’s with a skill. :wink:


Pretty sure the bots just have BOATLOADS of hp, and they can die.