Archive hp drain bug

I have not seen this posted anywhere and was not sure if this is xbox only.

3/5 times playing the Archive I have come across a bug where my health constantly drains until I die. I was using Toby everytime.

Has anyone experienced this as well and if so, any clue what triggers it so it can be avoided?

@ibuprofen6 it happens on PS4 too. In the open beta, I did the first mission and went into the ice room with the 3 crystals and I guess went inside the icy aura. Yesterday I did the Archive and touched some fire with Marquis and noticed my health draining constantly, no matter what I did to try to stop it. It seems it is just a bug and the first step is stepping into a damage over time thing. It really sucks during solo.

hmmm, well I suppose the best thing for now is to just avoid the fire at all costs and hope gearbox is aware of the bug.

Yes. Experienced this as ISIC on The Archive, and another player posted they experienced this too as another character, so it’s a known bug. I did post a thread about this yesterday and the a dev posted that it is known and being looked into now.

The player who replied to my post mentioned they solved it by jumping off a ledge near another player, so assuming the respawn removed the debuff.


Same with me

If you’re playing with a buddy, just let it knock you down and when they revive you it will stop. I had the same issue.

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