Archive : permanent fire dot is normal?

I sometimes get a perma fire dot in the archive.

Since I’m trying to get silver solo by running it advanced AND Hardcore it makes the mission a tad too difficult.

What’s the way to prevent that please ?

Had that problem too before… Probably a bug

It’s a bug. You can try dying and respawning or wait until the patch comes out, likely later this month. GBX can’t give a release date because of the console certification process, but the first DLC is coming out towards the end of the month, so hopefully we’ll get the first patch then too, if not before.

Only way to prevent it is to get out of the kitchen.

Eh, bad joke is bad. Just don’t touch the fire. Also, you won’t get a silver just for having Advanced and Hardcore. I’ve run the map plenty of times to know this.

If you get all 20 bots to the Archive and have 20k points, you’re gonna get a bronze and finish at 42k points. I saw somebody’s screenshot that showed them having a silver with 46k so the sweet spot is somewhere in between. My advise to you is to stay there and get your score to 26k before advancing(don’t build turrets there). Also, don’t let the Archive steal your kills. I run around the entire map and build all the turrets before starting bot phase at Melka.

Cough… Hardcore… Cough…


Sorry, I missed that part. :blconfused: I guess wait until it’s patched?

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happened to me too, I disconnected and came back again and the dot has disappeared

You either have to die or leave the game and go back in.