Arctic Anarchist FL4K Maliwan Takedown Build - Cryo + Infinite Grenade Spam

Back today with another FL4K Build this time centered around a Cryo focused approach that was designed for the upcoming Maliwan Takedown Raid!
The build focuses on creating as much chaos on the battlefield as possible with the combination of essentially unlimited cryo rakks + infinite cryo hex grenades and uses some underrated weapons like the Devils Foursome pistol and Cryo Faisor to great effect. With 3 stacks of Rakk Attack and it’s incredibly short cooldown time, the build is able to keep the Power Inside damage bonus up at all times which is huge for all of FL4k’s sources of damage output as well as the pet’s. This build also places a heavy emphasis on the various hunter skills in the Hunter and Stalker trees, predominantly Interplanetary Stalker (9/5 with the class mod I use), Most Dangerous Game and Frenzy and focuses on buffing these skills with Big Game (4/3 —> 40% increase in Hunter Skill effects) and the Collector Cosmic Stalker class mod’s ability to improve Hunt Skills by a further 25%.
The nature of Rakk Attack also makes it the perfect action skill to use if you’re looking to get the most out of anointed weapon effects that provide a damage buff after action skill use so this is the build to try if you’ve been stockpiling legendaries but haven’t been able to use them to their fullest yet.
Give it a try and let me know what you think of it, i’ve had a ton of fun using this build in the arenas and general mobbing/bossing and can’t wait to test it out on the new raid coming soon

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