Arctic Eruption Amara Bullies COV (Level 65 M11 Set Up)

Just had some dumb fun with the hot drop and frozen snowshoe. Here are the gear requirements:

Roid Frozen Snowshoe w/ Action Skill Start: This basically let’s us freeze enemies the moment Phaseslam is activated. Invaluable for a melee build, as frozen enemies take 3 times the melee damage. Using this with 300/90 Psycho Stabber and using Cryo element on our action skill, and we can one shot most enemies. Roid is the best roll, as more melee damage is always welcome. Because it can only have 80% melee damage and ASS anoint is a must, this makes it technically the weakest roid shield in terms of melee damage amount alone. Therefore, we need to keep enemies cryo’d as much as possible in order to make the most out of this shield, and so we would need to keep our shield up most times instead of breaking it as often. This also benefits greatly from topped off, another guardian rank skill that gives us 200% cooldown when our shields are full.

Hot Drop Static Charge: While we can use the spark plug (more on that later), I found the Hot Drop to do a lot of damage in this case, especially toward the anointed enemies as they are purely flesh. It also helps out against targets that we cannot freeze in time, as usually both their shields and armor are taken out before they unfreeze. Works in most places, unless there is low gravity involved, like the guardian takedown. The magma balls are affected by the low gravity, and are rendered useless because of the environment. So either stone artifacts or another slam artifact altogether would be much better in those cases.

Spark Plug Static Charge: not seen in the video, but we can use this to break our shields and freeze people almost instantly, as long as the shield is full enough. It can also be used to break your shields when coming out of FFYL, whether it guardian angel proccing or you are able to get a quick kill before the park plug despawns. However, as stated previously, it is the weakest roid shield, and we lose out on cooldown due to the shield breaking. While we have Mindfullness to decrease the delay, Amara cannot regen shields as quickly as all the other vault hunter can. So keep this in mind if you are trying to use the spark plug strategy in this way.

So the gameplay loop is similar to the previous set ups. Attack each enemies with an attack that matches the element (punch for most things, slam for flesh health bars, etc). Manage your shields to freeze and Phaseslam often, and you will be very effective. I’ll link the other set ups for a more in-depth look at the build itself. Hope y’all enjoy!


Hellborn Amara: