Are all deaths supposed to reset anarchy?

I’m asking because like an idiot I just walked off the walkway after blowing up Boombringer with a hundred or so stacks and when I revived I still had all my stacks. I haven’t played a ton of Gaige so I’m not 100 percent on all the mechanics yet.

Do falls not count or did I just glitch?

You should lose all stacks every death, but sometimes the game doesn’t do it. Feel lucky when it happens.


Ok thanks I sort of thought it was probably a glitch. My first thought was oh well I guess it’ll be easier to hit buzzards on the buzzard nest but I was surprised to see they didn’t disappear.

IIRC they also don’t disappear if you take up Jack’s offer to kill yourself- but I may be off on that…

I think it depends on the fall? The wiki might be accurate in these descriptions (see the ninth bullet under Notes). I also thought that wielding the Grog Nozzle during a death prevented (or at least mitigated) Anarchy loss during death. As a very brief foray into Google doesn’t confirm this, and as I’m wondering what I was going to play this morning, I’ll try to find out right now. :koala:

edit - nope!

I thought that there is was a rule set for this. Not sure.
Last time I kept my stacks was when Terra knocked me of the plateau.

Yeah, I’m led to believe that certain falls will not take away your stacks. As its been some time since I picked up one of my Gaige army, though, I can’t be sure.

This is most likely it. Maybe depending on the scenario aswell but take it with a grain of salt.
(also, nice to see you again, Vyck).

I remember Nia, the Gaige of mine who runs around with 600 stacks, having more luck when it came to keeping them upon dying. I wonder if that’s another factor?

(Likewise to you! Out of work ATM, which is such a pain.)

It’s consistent with some off-the-map falls like Terra Peak, but I’ve had it go both ways elsewhere.
In Dragon Keep it seems to change every 20 meters you advance on the map. (Please don’t ask why I know that.)

Another thing from me that should be taken with a grain of salt: maybe it has to do with a certain flag set on the map, or if you still receive damage when in the air before respawning?

I don’t know coding, but that would seem to make perfect sense.

Since I mentioned Dragon Keep: if I do one of Wheezy’s ‘Death Runs’ looking for TTAODK COMs, I can make a smooth run, or I can get blown over the side by an exploding skeleton, or I can get get blown over the side while also having gotten a DOT from a UBA fire mage…as well as other mishaps.
I haven’t been taking notes about which state I’ve been in and on what portion of the map, but that would probably factor in.

On Terra Peak you can save your stacks by crawling over the side while in FFYL, and you’ll also keep them even if you had a DOT or have been healthgated before getting tossed off.

In the Son of Craw arena I’ve lost them each time I’ve gone over the side.

If areas are indeed flagged differently - or even subsections of a given area - some consistency would be nice.

Yeah they definitely stay after Terra knocks you off the ledge. He got me a few times just now before I gave up and bee fibbered him.

I’m gonna go try Mr Tinder next. I feel like he’s knocked me off and I lost them but I can’t remember.

You don’t loose stacks if there isn;t a short scene of Gaige ragdolling before you die. If it goes strait from first person to New U tunnel thing, you keep the stacks (And don’t get charged)

I believe that any time you die without reaching the end of second wind, all stacks are kept. I believe I heard of an exploit where if you go into second wind and while in it walk off a cliff, you don’t lose your stacks.

When i dead by death (dropped from anywhere) with Moxxi gun , sometimes I had not lost anarchy stacks.
maybe moxxi guns are key,ithink.

i can’t guarantee it.

Sadly no. I’ve gotten plenty of deaths without bleedout/ragdoll but with Moxxi weapons which still lost me my stacks.
Other times I’ve kept them when I really shouldn’t have, such as having the timer start and seeing the ragdoll animation before dropping over an edge - with Moxxi weapons and without.

I’m pretty sure it’s an area issue WRT boundaries as well as bleedout animations being cancelled, but that’s only based on my own (sadly rather extensive) experiences of death by gravity.
It would be interesting to test this in detail for every area, but none of my Gaiges are very keen on volunteering.