Are allegiance relic ROF boosts multiplicative or additive?

Something I’ve been curious about for a while.

As far as I know all rof are add

Ok good to know.

Sorry for digging this up.

I spent a lot of time testing ROF bonuses and can’t quite answer this.

Testing damage is easy: you get a big number, do the maths and you’re done.

ROF is tricky as you have to rely on soft caps and visual (and auditory) cues.

Most of the FR bonuses are additive, but some are hard to gauge and I regularly got higher FR values than what was expected, and I never could quite isolate the faulty part.

You can assume that it’s additive, but if you get better results than expected, don’t be surprised.


As far as I have seen all buffs outside of damage are additive.

  • % chance buffs
  • Health skills
  • All shield buffs
  • reload buffs
  • mag size buffs

I don’t think there are any multiplicative buffs outside of damage and that makes sense to have more simple formulas for them since there are less buffs.