Are anointment drops weighted towards the current character?

Just wondering if when say playing as Zane, if you get a character-specific anointment, is it more likely to be a Zane one, or is it still all random?

I farmed Freddie 10 times today with Amara and got 4 Fl4k mods and one Operative mod, none for a siren.

Weapons were a bit more siren friendly but not by much.

Yes it seems like they are weighted for the playing character

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So I guess if I want legendaries with certain char anointments I guess I should be farming with said char. Unless anyone has a Hellwalker with a 100% cryo SNTNL anointment handy? Or a simple 100 ASE one. :slight_smile:

You can get one from any character but it seems about 50% of the character specific anointments are for the playing character.

What system are you playing on?

I have the following :-

ASE 100% Wpn Dmg
ASE next 2 mags 50% Shock

PS4, and the ASE 100 weapon damage would be great. Though I guess the shock one wouldn’t be horrible either given I use Rakk Attack on my FL4K all the time so it would keep the damage up. Which honestly you think works better, a flat 100% more damage, or occasional extra 50% shock?

I’m on PS4 send a FR with BL3 trade in the text box and you can have both so you can find out what fits better. :smiley:

PSN ID Prowler690

If you happen to have a Projectile Recursion with Sntnl 100% or Clone 100% or an It’s Piss grenade with the 25% on thrown anoint to trade I would be very happy.
I do have other stuff I am looking out for but I’m having fun trying to snag them for now lol.

Don’t view the above as a requirement for trade if you don’t have them, you can have the Hellwalkers as soon as I get a FR.