Are any of the epic/rare Alien Barrel Weapons Any Good outside of the Shotguns?

All of the alien barrel weapons seem to have poor stats. I haven’t tried them all, but I’ve used most of the torgue ones (carbuncles, protuberances (big difference based on mag size), Lumps, and Blisters.) I’ve never really tried any of the assault rifles, snipers and pistols from the other manufacturers because the stats look so underwhelming.

Carbuncle (Torgue pistol) is an elemental masher. That is all.

Torgue and Dahl ARs are pretty good as well. Torgue just has nice damage, and Dahls have a chaining effect like the Brainstormer.

Obviously the Torgue Rocket launchers are godly.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Snipers or SMGs.