Are badasses immune to brain freeze?

so many times i die as zane, because of a badass not freezing (even hitting nothing but crits…)

just feels like a cheap way to die IMHO

The only badass variant immune to being frozen is anointed; all other badasses can be frozen. Please note, there seems to be some sort of internal cool down timer at work when it comes to Brain Freeze. For example, if an enemy has been frozen then thaws you can’t immediately freeze them again. So what may be happening is that you may be focusing enemy A but enemy B got frozen due to say ricochet rounds or grenades or something else, and by the time you kill enemy A and turn your attention to enemy B the cool down timer kicked in so you can’t immediately freeze enemy B.

Freeze depend on damage. Cryo efficiency lower the %hp of damage you need to inflict so the enemy get frozen. Meaning that larger healthbare : More difficult to freeze enemies. It also seem, from personnal experience, than you can’t freeze an enemy as long as their shield are up (But it might be a misconception on my part)

Unfortunately that doesn’t apply here for two reasons. The OP is specifically asking about Zane’s Brain Freeze skill and the normal freezing formula doesn’t apply to Brain Freeze :innocent:.

Because of the way Brain Freeze works Zane is able to freeze enemies without using a cryo weapon therefore cryo efficiency and enemy HP is not a factor.


i know :wink: but they just won’t freeze :astonished:

set up my barier, clone inbetween me and the badass and sure i wasn’t taking ANY damage. used a cryo infinity (to further increase the freeze proc) and nope :frowning: wouldn’t freeze (clone crits quite often and me using the infinity getting allmost all crits)

my build relies on freeze for sustainment… but if it doesn’t proc on badasses… they i should probably run away instead of trying to freeze them (but then the game should tell you this that badasses are immune)

anointed i knew they where immune :wink: (but they are just a bad design on every aspect not just this hahaha)

i think it’s on the same enemy only :wink: i froze several diffrent enemies within a second of the other being frozen (cooldown feels longer when doing it on the same enemy, wich is good because otherwise it would be OP hahaha)

You should record it, put it up on YouTube, and link it in a support ticket to 2K/GBX. Because if it’s affecting you it’s probably affecting other people who may be unaware that it’s even happening.

Weird. In my experience, Brain Freeze takes longer to freeze enemies with higher HP just like regular cryo attacks (I have frozen badass Maliwan heavies with it, but it took far longer than a peon which in turn takes longer than a ratch - the heavies in general frequently blow up before getting frozen by brain freeze, though). And I’ll have to verify to make sure I’m not misremembering, but I swear when attacking the crit spot of a cryo resistant enemy with brain freeze and a non-elemental weapon it popped up resisted notifications.

If it’s a cryo based badass (frostbite Heavies) you’re sadly out of luck (SoL)

It’s either the gun you’re using or the enemy is cryo based. Outside of bosses only anointed enemies and cryo enemies can’t be frozen.
I really like using a nighthawkin or cryo redistributor to freeze enemies with him.