Are Bloody Harvest anointements diluting 4th anniversary week loot tables?

If thats the case, thats just a horrible timing. If “Terror” is a mechanic that will only persist through the Bloody Harvest event, then the current anointments specific to the event are diluting and diminishing the general loot table of the anointements for this weeks anniversary event.


I came here to write this post. Im not surprised someone beat me to it. This is completely transparent. They just ■■■■■■ up the anointments by adding in this stupid ass terror ■■■■ that is dropping on 95% of anointments. What a joke. I’d laugh if wasnt so pissed.


It definitely is an unusual choice if this terror mechanic is done with on December 5th. As it stands, they don’t give us enough inventory space to make it worth holding onto to these new anointed items after the event is over.

Maybe it draws from a separate, event specific, loot pool. If it doesnt, it might be a bad idea to include this stuff.

Wait, the halloween annointments drop in the circles of slaughter as well?

This probably opens up the question of if players want to be able to find specific annointed effects in specific maps/dlcs/enemies/etc.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this is more testing on Gearbox’s part.

They drop everywhere.

damn, I knew I should have farmed slaughter shaft last night. Guess i’ll just run TVHM now that mayhem 3 works on it

Welp, there goes my weekend farming plans.

Well, I was lucky and just got this from the slot machine:

So it looks like this is the type of thing one needs to find to keep using the new anointments after the event is over.

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you know i kinda like nagata, it’s by no means good for a build. but i liked the idea it felt like a machine gun grenade.

that being said, until you get a usfull weapon to take advantage of the terror that isn’t worse then your current legendarys it just seems pointless. cause i am not going to trade down my rowans call with radiation, for usless terror.

Since Moze doesn’t heal much with hex or storm front now, I gave it a try and it actually does a decent amount of healing - but not very much damage. But yeah, I’m not sure in what circumstances it would be worth using an anointed grenade (or shield - saw one at Earl’s) to generate terror, as opposed to using the original anointeds. Still, its nice to know that if that if you find a terror anointed item during the event that fits with your build, its possible to keep using it after Dec 5th.

Every time I get a good piece of gear with anointment that has Terror on it I squirm. That could’ve been a legitimately good effect on an item that I’ve been farming for ages only to see an event specific anointment on it.

How is it possible that a seasonal free DLC has perforated the game without giving us an option to disable this stuff? ESPECIALLY during this weeks event with increased anointed gear dropchance.