Are Bloody Harvest legendaries super rare?

I’m playing on TVHM on Mayhem 2 and the 2 challenges I have left are “I am Rakkman!” (which I haven’t progressed far enough for on TVHM) and Heckraiser. Is this normal? I kinda expected haunt to drop at least one Bloody Harvest legendary during those 25 kills, he hardly dropped any legendaries actually :thinking:

Anyway, I guess I can’t do much about it even if it’s not normal hehe

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Almost all of my event Legendaries are from Badass Ghosts in Slaughter Shaft.

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Killed him 11 times so far on mayhem 3 and only picked up 3 legendaries from him. None of these have been bloody harvest ones.

Other than killing him 25 times, the only other challenge I need to complete is the looting of a bloody harvest legendary.

Been getting loads of legendaries from so many enemies and bosses, but Haunt is ridiculous with how low the chances of any kind of legendary to spawn is.

On top of that, after completing the challenge to kill loot ghosts, I’ve not seen one in days of playing. So although I’ve not had any bloody harvest loot from these, when I actually encountered these, I’ve yet to encounter another.

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No but some variants are like the ghost grenade that has the ability to clone and 3 split mirv, resulting in 6 way split mirving

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Ok so I just killed three loot ghosts and got 2 fearmongers and the ghost grenade… didn’t get the challenge completed though… now what? :confused:

Equip one to get it.

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I’ve been going through the campaign with my newly created Moze during the event. Right now, I’ve just arrived on Nekrotefayo, and I’ve killed Captain Haunt 7 or 8 times. I’ve found 3 Fearmonger shotguns, 2 of the legendary Sniper Rifle (forget what it’s called) and 1 Ghost Call. I believe I only found 1 of these 6 legendaries from Haunt, the rest all came from playing through the campaign normally (all dropped from ghosts, I believe).

oh ok I’ll try that when I get back hahaha

In the 25 kills I got 3 drops from Haunt so not too bad but not great considering the time it takes to schlep through the quest to get to him.

There are other places with mass spawns where Loot Ghosts turn up often because of the flood of enemies (not just circles of slaughter). Loot ghosts seem to be less willing to give up the event goodies on a per kill basis than Haunt is but if you can get enough of them to spawn…