Are bosses farmable in the pre sequel now?

I was just wondering if they patched it so that bosses or at least a few of them will respawn after you have finished the main story. I haven’t played the game in a while and was wondering if I missed a patch or something.


Some of them yes.

Also from the list of hot fixes.

January 25, 2016 Hot Fixes

  • Previous SHiFT-code only weapons (such as The Machine, Ol’ Painful, the Jack O’Cannon, and Boomacorn) now have a very rare chance of dropping in-game.
  • The weapon “Wet Week” now has a chance to drop from Swagman/Outcast.

The only one I’m aware of that definitively does NOT respawn is Zarpedon herself. There’s some odd behaviour with some of them too. For example, if you trap the CL4P-LK instead of destroying it, you can actually find two when you go back. You might find this useful:

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Thanks for the info

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