Are Eldrid at a disadvantage

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Eldrid are the only faction to not have a shield and I’m curious to know just how much that hurts them compared to the other factions. Shields help absorb burst damage and a character can’t be crit until the shield is taken down. Being able to be crit right off the bat is a distinct disadvantage in and of itself. I was under the impression Eldrid had a higher base health to compensate however, Melka starts out with 992 while Cal starts with 1136 and a 300 shield. I compared those two because they are both high mobility ranged characters but also have melee. Only reading Character descriptions some say something along the lines of “doesn’t carry a shield, instead relies on rapid regeneration” however it’s only 7. The base recharge of a shield is 60 so after a few seconds it can absorb it’s full amount of damage, the base regeneration of eldrid is 7 so after a few seconds they are still low health. Gear can be used to increase both health regen and shield recharge however the recharge is massive compared to health regen. So I have to ask where is the advantage of an eldrid character or are they just at a disadvantage?
Maybe I’m completely wrong and I hope someone can show me that. This game has been out for a while now, uses pvp as a draw, and is trying to keep things balanced so it doesn’t make sense to me why one faction would be at a complete disadvantage to all the others after all this time.

If I worded this wrong or sounds like a rant I apologize, it’s late.


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Lol California, did you mean caldarius? autocorrect changes it to caldo.

Back to topic: Kelvin has a big hp pool, its regen is not that usefull in my opinion, but he has a way to get shield so move on.

Thorn has high mobility thx to blight hélix + push+ high jump and thin model.

Boldur is well boldur, that means stupid hard to kill.

Miko has a huge crit zone but has a high sustain hability thx to its lvl 2 right helix, they just need to hide few seconds and heal a friend.

Alani has two ways to burstheal (geyser and well spring) and has a thin model, tho she is slow.

And melka, i love this girl she has a better 3d movement tha caldarius but man her kit is all wrong! Low accuracy to stay close but also has low hp and has a low alt/meele dmg. You can indeed fly away and get in from diff angles and don’t be target of everyone, she has a thin model and is fast but galth and kleese can melt her.

Tl;dr: no they compensate the lack of shield with skills, speed or huge hp pool. Exept melka she is currently a mess.


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I just thought they would at least give them more regen than 7 as they can’t take as much. Orendi, Cal, Phoebe, Diande etc. are all small mobile chars.

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Elrdid make their mark as great crowd controllers and harassers. Mellka for example has crazy mobility with Spike and Claw Lunge, high burst damage with her ult, and most importantly she can DoT. She can chase and dive deeper than most characters, secure the kill and escape, and she’s very hard to hit when she’s bouncing around. Her two basic skills have very short cooldowns, and at level 5 she has access to health stacking.

Thorn is a crowd controlling burst killer, with Blight she can wave clear and she can add a slow to Blight locking down minion waves or setting up Battleborn kills. Volley is high burst damage and her ult has a huge splash radius, her passive also allows her to debuff enemies and she can apply a DoT at level 5, and apply that DoT as well as Curse with Volley by level 5 with the right helix augments. She’s the fastest and highest jumping character, and can augment her jump to insane heights at level 7, all that combined with a narrow hitbox she’s very hard to hit and very hard to chase down.

Boldur is the tanks tank, I don’t think he needs much explanation, if you’ve played against a Boldur then you know how hard he can be to kill when specced and played right.

Miko is the prime pocket healer, and has CC as well as a small DoT and self-healing as well as team heal.

Alani is a crowd controlling nightmare who can burst heal, she has the unique bind (a modified stun) as well as knockback, potential slow and DoT, and can lock her ult onto enemies or use it to clear a path and force enemy Battleborn to retreat, she’s very hard to get passed and difficult to kill due to her small hitbox and self healing, she doesn’t have to kill you to have a big impact on a match.

Kelvin is the odd one out, though he still has great CC and tanking capabilities, he’s not used as often as the others and seems to contribute less but a good Kelvin with good support can wreak havoc. Miko+Kelvin has been a nightmare combination since beta and still causes problems for teams not outfitted to take on a tank with a pocket healer, if you’re unprepared the rare Kelvin can destroy a team and wave clear with the best.

In summary, the Eldrid are awesome, in fact they’re often considered the best all-round faction in BB. Having no shield does have its disadvantages and you pointed out the weaknesses and flaws, but the amount of CC they can bring to a team is too valuable to pass up simply because they lack shields.

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I think this is best displayed in Advanced Story mode.

Sabo map.

Any character with a shield
Thorn with no shield.

See who can just walk the furthest before dying. Yep, Thorn with no shield.

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She may be a mess but her amazing evasion keeps her alive. And she’s still quite strong


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Not really Deande. She’s slow
To OP, they’re actually some of the strongest in the game. Thorn, Boldur, Miko, and Alani are all top tier, with Mellka in the middle and Kelvin either at the bottom or spastically amazing. So, their kits balance out. Also regen is awesome


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She isn’t overly slow. But for the sake of the argument I was referring to her size and being invisible


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Oh okay. But uh, no. She has movement upgrades, but also has the second lowest speed in the game (Montana beats her.) It used to be Alani but she got buffed there

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Yes she got a 10% increase and a movement helix.


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You make a really good point. When using Alani, I have a hard time trying to stay in lanes. But while looking at other Alanis, they have shield while I don’t. I think it’s hard to have a 1v1 with a person using an Eldrid with melee characters because they have shield while Eldrid doesn’t.


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Eldrid have been the strongest characters in the game, along with UPR. They are no way near at a disadvantage. Just because they don’t have shield doesnt make them weaker, shields deplete way faster than health, which makes me question sometimes why they nerfed some eldrid health but regardless of that they are still very strong.

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Every Eldrid except for Thorn has ways to increase hp regen via helix options. When I play boldur I hit around 50 hp per second with song of vigor. Honestly I almost always rock an hp regen item on Eldrid characters to make their passive regen even better


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Lol Boldur is a tank so he has plenty of health but on the squishier ones I run +max health to handle burst


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They all have (along with their constant health regen) above-average maximum health and speed traits, giving them better overall sustain potential without needing to recall/find a healing station.


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Melka, Alani, and Thorn have less base health than Cal so I don’t see them as having above average health. The tanks of couse do. The health regen is only 7 so they still need to recall / find a health station


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Yeah, but -SC gear items don’t affect them at all, meaning they can use this heavily to their advantage, and speccing into +MH and +HR items improves on these natural bonuses.

Plus, it’s better than nothing, and you can always use a +SC item to give them a half-decent shield.


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The gear is true however there are -x gear for all factions so that isn’t really an advantage.


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Yeah, but I don’t think another faction gets a flaw that doesn’t actually affect them at all. Would be kinda cool if they did though, so Flawed Jennerit gear doesn’t affect Jennerit Battleborn. Makes sense, right?


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Well jenerits dont get affected by recoil, reload. Only caldarius needs that like only Kelvin gets affected by - shield power gear.

We need a - meele dmg gear… Upr need it, only Galilea gets affected.